Underwire Bras: Friends or Foes?

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It seems that everywhere you look these days, there’s talk about breasts: how to keep them healthy, how to keep them looking good, and what to carry them in. Most focus seems to be on the latter two, with adverts everywhere showing push-up bras and other types of shape-wear in lace, velvet, and other aesthetically-pleasing fabrics, but what about the health impact of the kinds of bras we wear? Are the wires in our bras doing us any harm while coaxing our breasts into rounder, perkier shapes?

Soft Black Bra

Black lacy bra from Figleaves

Nasty Side Effects

Recent studies have listed numerous nasty side effects of underwire bras, from heightened chances of developing cysts (from pressure and aggravation in wire pressure-points), to costochondritis (inflammation of the cartilage around the sternum and between ribs). Most women don’t wear the right size bra, and a constricting undergarment can put pressure on sensitive areas that really should have free rein.

One can find research that both proves and disproves links between underwire bras and breast cancer, but nearly all breast cancer survivors are told by their doctors to stop wearing underwire bras. There’s also personal experience to take into account: nearly everyone who has worn an underwire bra has, at some point, probably experienced some discomfort with it. For some people, there’s ribcage sensitivity from the wire pressing against the bones or muscles therein. This can interfere with posture, as the wearer may bend forward to alleviate pressure, which in turn can mess up muscles in the back, neck and hips. If a wire breaks through the fabric, it can poke into the skin of the sternum or armpit; the latter being a sensitive area that’s best kept free of infection.

The Cult of the Underwire

Bra wire

Photo by MontiLee Stormer

Why do so many people insist upon wearing wired bras anyway? Well, no matter where we turn, we’re inundated with the idea that our breasts have to look a certain way in order to be considered attractive, thus we mash ourselves into these metal-reinforced contraptions. Ultimately, the only people benefitting from them are the few who’ve decided to gawp at our chests. While we all want to look our best, it’s probably more important to make personal comfort and well-being a priority over ensuring that some random stranger on the tube thinks that we look good in a tight jumper.

Underwires force breast tissue into rounded shapes with the help of the fabric around them, and often cause a fair bit of discomfort while doing so. After working a full 8-hour shift (plus significant commuting time), how many of us whip off our bras the moment we set foot in the house, sighing with relief after doing so? It would be interesting to find out what percentage of men cram themselves into uncomfortable, pinching, squeezing undergarments for our viewing pleasure, yet we consider these to be the norm. Sigh.

Alternative #1: Going Bra-less


Photo by J. Pott

Although this may seem like the most comfortable option out there, it probably isn’t the most attainable one for most of us. Unless you’re a smaller cup size, you’ll likely encounter a degree of pain/discomfort when walking around without a bra, and many women with larger breasts will also feel a bit self-conscious swinging around freely for all eyes to see. Women who work in office environments may be considered unprofessional if they walk around sans bra, and situations in which most other office mates are male can be very awkward indeed.

If you do decide to go braless, try a tight-fitting tank top or camisole to keep “the girls” in place. You might want to start out by just going braless at home on your days off, and if you find that you’re more comfortable sans bra, venture out on a simple errand nearby to see how you feel out in the open, so to speak. Many women report a significant improvement in back/shoulder pain after giving up their bras, but an equal number also experience tenderness and a “pulling” sensation in the skin and upper chest muscles when walking around without support. Every body is different, so be sure to listen to yours.

Alternative #2: Wireless Bras

Wire-free brassiere

Wireless bra from House of Fraser

These sound terribly tech-savvy, don’t they? No, we’re not talking about receiving Bluetooth through your underwear, but rather going for bras that give shape and support without any metal bits slapping against your chest.

Far from the types of bras we may have been unfortunate enough to see our grandmothers in, these are not large, floppy, beige monstrosities that will either turn your breasts into bullets, cones, or strange upper body mounds. Today’s soft-cup and underwire-less bras come in all styles and colours, and are just as stylish and gorgeous as their wiry cousins. The key to a good wireless bra is a wide strap that sits comfortably against the sternum and ribcage, with a rounded soft cup that will cushion and hold your breasts in place. If you have a larger bosom, go for one that has wide straps, so nothing digs into the tops of your shoulders.

These come in every fabric from satin and lace to cotton and leather, so you’ll be sure to find one that’s right for you. One thing to remember is that if you’d like a bra that fits you perfectly, it’s important to get sized for one. So many of us wear the wrong bra size because we might be too shy to ask a saleswoman to help fit us, but honestly? It’s so worthwhile. Get thyself to a good lingerie shop, and ask the staff about getting properly fitted. They’ll take a series of measurements around your ribcage, chest, and shoulders, and will be able to give you some bras to try on that will fit as though they were sewn especially for you. You may be surprised to discover that you’re a size larger or smaller than you thought you were, but the excellent fit of the garment will undoubtedly dispel any flustering.

Alternative #2: Sports Bras

Sport bra

Sports bra from Debenhams

Many women avoid wearing sports bras because they’re afraid they’re going to get what is commonly referred to as “shelf boob”; namely the visual in which breasts are smashed together and compressed against the chest to create a solid mass of protruding chest flesh. A shelf.

Well, guess what? The only sports bras that will do that to you are the super-tight ones that are meant for rock climbing, running, or other high-impact activity. There are many sports bras out there that provide shapely silhouettes along with spectacular, comfortable support. Just like with any other bra, you’ll want to get fitted for one of these, and determine what it is that you need it for.

Are you looking for a bra to wear on a daily basis? Aim for a low-impact sports bra that has cup shaping and a clean delineation between the breasts: this will avoid that oh-so feared shelf illusion, and will keep you comfortably in place while walking around, climbing stairs, or picking up dropped pens. If your job requires you to be a bit more active, you can still go for one that shapes you well, but also offers a measure of compression support. A policewoman who has to run after thugs will obviously need more support than a judge, and a yoga instructor will need to keep things in place with a bit more ferocity than a college prof.

No Underwire Bra

Wire-free bra set from Bonprix

Ultimately, the only person whose opinion really matters about your breasts is you. Take some time to determine what your priorities are with regard to aesthetics and health, do your research, make some informed decisions, and then go bra shopping.


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Unlimit Your Love of Lace

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Associated with elegance, luxury and a hint of sensuality thanks to it’s sheer qualities, lace may  be perfect for the bedroom but it’s become commonplace both inside and outside of the house. The translucent floral designs grace more than lovely lingerie, and are regularly included in some of society’s most significant garments. Ball gowns, wedding dresses, and more see their fair share of the delicate fabric, reminding us of it’s original intentions – in fashion, not our sex life!

An openwork fabric, lace is created by looping, twisting, and braiding threads to create patterned holes from the strands. Traditionally made by hand, the textile is painstakingly intricate, giving it a remarkably expensive and extravagant reputation. In it’s beginning, lace was reserved for the most special occasions, and in connection with religion.

The first traces we have of the material is with the Catholic Church, where we know clergymen used the fabric as part of vestments in religious ceremonies. The textile gained significance and desire spreading across Europe in the sixteenth century, where those who could get their hands on the handmade material began to incorporate lace into garment design and home décor.

Needle Lace

Image via

The lace-making art comes in a variety of forms, each creating a unique style of fabric from exclusive and complicated techniques. Needle and thread, cutwork, bobbin lace, tape lace, knotted lace, crocheted lace, knitted lace, machine-made and chemical lace are all different methods of lace-making that produce an individual lace style with endless pattern and design combinations. Each handmade lace method uses separate tools to achieve a similar openwork material that is always nearly one-of-a-kind in construction.

Due to the precision and detail work of the lace-trade, even the most minute stitch differences can make for totally new designs and results. This knowledge of lace-making gave country women a new avenue of income and desirable skill set as the world’s interest in the luxury fabric developed far faster in demand than manufacturing could support. Production time and costs for the covetable textile were high, which meant only the affluent could first afford this trend. Once the industrial revolution transformed the production process for a number of goods and textiles, did mainstream and machine-made lace-making techniques make way for lower fabric prices.

Curtain Lace MachineImage via

The premium fabric previously left to the wealthy or used sparingly as decoration and trimmings, entered a new heyday with machine production, allowing the textile to be made and sold in bulk. Once readily available, prices fell and use became a much more regular occurrence. The material once reserved for the upper classes and limited use was now in full supply and the fashion industry was one of the first to benefit.

While a number of special occasion laces may still be made by hand today, machine-made lace fills everyone’s closets and homes used in everyday garments, interior decor and more. It wasn’t until the early nineteenth century that undergarment designers began to focus on incorporating visually appealing fabrics and cuts. By the twentieth century, form-fitting fabrics became the industry preference and lace was a perfect candidate to be woven from stretch threads to create both comfortable and beautiful designs.

Frederick's of Hollywood

Image via

Leaders like Fredericks of Hollywood and Victoria’s Secret glamorised lace lingerie throughout the 1960s, turning undergarments made from the material into everyday essentials. A woman’s desire to feel desired, and dress in something special each day was accomplished by arming herself with an arsenal of unbelievably beautiful undergarments. While lace was readily used in dresses and street wear, few silhouettes suited lace better than lingerie. Out in society, lace was used as an overlay, contrasted against linings and layers.

But behind closed doors, lace could be worn as originally intended, sheerly, to display the intricate detail work it had become known for over centuries of time. These something pretties provided women with much more than something to wear. It was freedom, control and power over their own bodies and bedroom fantasies. Before lace, lingerie was boring, solid, and simple. The textile brought a new elegance to the bedroom, filled with alluring peek-a-boo qualities to tease the senses.

From corsets trimmed with lace ruffles or sheer panels, lace bras, panties, and even lace teddies and camisoles, few lingerie silhouettes haven’t seen the lace treatment over the last few years. Whether used as an embellishment or completely constructed from lace, the fabric adds a feminine and flirty touch to the undergarments it is now most associated with. While lace garments are still quite popular, lace lingerie has become a fashion trend outside the bedroom.

Lace bralette, short styles, and camisoles have all been incorporated into street style, because they almost effortlessly replace their respective regular garments . Warm weather temps are known to raise hemlines and bring out the breezy fabrics, meaning many clothing options already resemble lingerie picks. It is now no surprise to see styles that would have solely been seen behind closed doors, now making their way into the mainstream and open air, as a way to add the same femininity and flirtatious touch to street style looks.

Gentle Fawn Lace Bralette

Image via

Fashionistas are catching on that airy lingerie silhouettes can be perfect for piecing together lightweight layers during summer’s warm months. Instead of designers creating pieces based off lingerie styles, risk takers are realizing they can just work in the lingerie styles they already have, to save themselves the cost.

A lace bralette can easily be paired with a high-waisted maxi skirt for a sweet look, a long tank or tunic can be paired over little lace shorts, and lace camis or bandeaus can be used as versatile layering pieces with nearly any summertime staples. How the lingerie items are styled dictate how they look on the streets, and with a little conscious effort to class up the pieces, they can all be easily translated beyond the bedroom. Juxtaposing sheer and sexy pieces with modest pairings may be a long way from laces origins, but t is only natural for the fabric’s use to continue to progress, adapting to the needs of our environments. It’s style to the people, and the people want lavish lace.



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How to Look Amazing in a Corset

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I once asked a designer how to look spectacular in a corset, and his response was simply: “put one on”. To be wholly honest, I think he was right; corsets are elegant, feminine accessories that look fantastic on absolutely anyone, as long as they’ve chosen the right one…

Gothic Corset

Photo by *jox 

If you’ve been considering the purchase of a corset, either for costume wear or because they are spectacularly sexy, do a bit of research on the various styles to determine which shapes and silhouettes you like best. Take notes about the attributes you’re most drawn to (do you like a high point at the breastbone? Sweetheart neckline?) so you can narrow down a top 3 to choose from. Once you have a general idea about the kind of corset you’d like, it’s time to go shopping.

Generally, there are 3 basic types of corset to choose from: the overbust, underbust, and waist-cincher:


These—as their name would suggest—cover your breasts and are safe to wear in public without the risk of getting arrested. If you’re looking for a corset that’s a bit more modest, or gives you support and shape across the bust line, this is the kind you’ll probably want to go for.

Sweetheart Burlesque Corset

Overbust corset from Fairy Gothmother

That being said, there are many different types of overbust corset, such as Elizabethan, and some Victorian and Edwardian styles as well. If you have a smaller bust, you might wish to go for an overbust style that cuts straight across the chest, while plunging sweetheart necklines would be better suited to those with a more ample bosom.


Underbust corsets are amazingly versatile, as you can wear them with the bra of your choice… or no bra at all. They’re less constricting around the bust-line while still shaping your silhouette, allowing for greater freedom of movement in your upper body. The longer length also smoothes and shapes the hip area, but doesn’t constrict leg movement. These are ideal for burlesque performances, costume, or intimate wear.

Atelier De LaFleur Underbust Corset

 Longline underbust corset with matching bra, created by Mina LaFleur of L’atelier de LaFleur

The breastbone area of underbust corsets can either be quite straight across, or spike upwards into a point: this creates a very dramatic look around the bustline, and the high-pointed style usually has a higher back, which minimises any sort of pinching or bulging that can happen. (Remember that flesh has to go somewhere when it’s pinched inwards, and if the back of your corset is too low, you can spill out a bit over the top. Best to avoid that.)


This is another underbust style, only shortened: they look like wide, boned belts that literally just cinch your waist in, so they’re great when worn over clothing as part of a costume, or in a matching lingerie ensemble.

Waist Cincher

Waist-Cincher from Cortsetera

Though waist-cinchers are boned just like any other corset, they’re more for show than for actual cinching. These also work best for women who are on the slimmer side, as they don’t perform the silhouette shaping that the larger styles create; women with curvier frames might find that cinchers like these aren’t the most flattering, so it’s best to stick to the longer lines instead.

Remember that you can also have a corset custom-made, so you can have one created to suit your own unique body type, have straps added, etc. If you have the opportunity to do so, it would be a great idea to make an appointment with a corset designer so that they can recommend the styles that are best for you. An item that looks amazing online might not be terribly comfortable once you have it on—since we’re all shaped differently, no one style will work for all of us. If you have a shorter torso, the busk (lower front part) of the corset might dig into your pubic bone, which would make sitting rather uncomfortable.

Of course, if your corset won’t be on for very long, then you don’t really have to worry about it.


Choosing a Size

If you’re ordering a corset online, you’ll want to get one in which the waist is 4 inches smaller than your natural waistline. This is a great guideline table from Fairy Gothmother:

Sizing Guide

For your natural waist size, measure the smallest part around your midsection (1 or 2 inches above the navel). It’s recommended that ladies with waists above 34 inches should have a size 5-6 inches smaller. If you have a waist that’s oddly numbered (27 or 31 inches, for example) then go down 5 inches. If you’d prefer your corset to be a little more loose fitting, however, then just drop down by 3 inches.


Corsets come in a variety of different fabrics, and you can usually choose which kind you’d like. Cotton and polyester silk are likely the most cost-effective choices, but if you don’t mind splurging a little bit, you can also go for silk, satin, taffeta, brocade, and leather (real or vegan). Choose a fabric that you’d love to run your hands over, as texture is so important when it comes to an item of clothing that’s not only worn against the skin, but is part of a sensual ensemble.

Purple Corset Ensemble

Image: An Arrangement of Corsets

Get the Right Corset for Your Personality

If you’re a flirty, shy type who likes to flip through Martha Stewart magazines, a metal-studded black leather corset might not be the right style for you. Or maybe it is, and you’d really like to unleash your inner dominatrix whilst clad all in pleather or PVC, and that’s totally cool too…  but, on the off-chance that you’re not wholly comfortable with that style, then go for one that’s a bit softer and more feminine.

Corsets can be made with many different fabrics in countless colours and prints, and you’ll undoubtedly find one that’s picture-perfect for you. Hell, if you can’t find one that’s pre-made, you can have one custom-created to suit both your exact measurements, and your particular aesthetic style. Just be sure to get yourself a corset that you’ll be happy wearing: it’s hard to relax and feel comfortable in your own skin when you’re feeling self-conscious and weird about the main item you have on.


If there’s one item that goes absolutely perfectly with a good corset, it’s a set of stockings. Not pantyhose, mind, but the old-fashioned clip-garter thigh-high stockings, especially if they have a pronounced seam going down the back of the leg. When you buy your corset, you can have the option of adding detachable garters to the outer edges so you don’t have to fuss with a belt: the clips will dangle down from the front and rear of the piece so your stockings will be held securely.

If you’re wearing your corset as part of an outfit, be sure to accessorise accordingly: a white bridal corset would be best with white or pale-hued stockings, shoes, lace undies, and possibly a white silk or satin robe as “wrapping”.

For a sultry gothic aesthetic, brocade or satin in bold jewel tones would look exquisite, especially if paired with fishnet stockings and high heels or knee-high boots. Dark makeup and a dab of perfume would be all that’s needed to complete that look.

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Couture Corsetry: Top 5 Boutique Corsets

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Gossard Ooh La La Corset

This glamorous corset from Gossard is the classiest way to spice things up in the bedroom. Called ooh-la-la, this boutique corset is done in fine lace with a sweet ribbon detail, all of which hint at Parisian romance. If you’re going for a timeless piece, this corset is the one.

V Couture Boutique

V Couture Boutique makes one-of-a-kind corsets, so you’ll know that you’re wearing something no one else has. Couture corsetry at it’s best, V Couture Boutique sells online through their Etsy shop based in Germany. While corsets are limited, they’re completely distinct and worth the wait. These are the pieces we’d choose for photo shoots or performances.

Booby Trapp The Judy Wizard of Oz Corset

Unleash your inner Burlesque performer with this retro inspired corset from Booby Trapp. We love the sense of fun and whimsy that Booby Trapp Corsets represent, and while their pieces are similar in feel, each has a unique sensibility. This particular corset is an ode to the Wizard of Oz, with ruby red slippers adorned with red Swarovski crystals.

Felina Olivia Slip Corset

For the uptown girl who wants to heat things up in the boudoir, we chose this simple but super sexy corset from Felina. While this is called a slip, the support and boning create shape in the same way a corset does. This is another one that will outlast trends with its classic style.

Best Boutique Corsets: Victorian

Honey Cooler Handmade is an independent lingerie studio based in San Francisco, which re-creates Edwardian and Victorian corsets with a contemporary flair. We love that all of these corsets are handmade to perfectly fit a real woman’s curves.

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Valentine’s Day Lingerie For Every Personality

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Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us and you may be shopping for the perfect set of lingerie for your significant (or not-so-significant) other. First, do some inward analysis and pinpoint what type of sexy lady you really are. Do you err on the sweet, innocent side or are you full of seriously big personality? Well, if you’re a good girl, a sporty chick, a goth-inspired femme fatale, a retro lady or a sassy woman with a big personality, we’ve got you covered. Here are lingerie suggestions to suit each of these vibes.


Good Girl

If you’re a good girl at heart you can certainly find lingerie to suit. Light colours and pretty bows are the thing for you. They are totally sweet, yet will leave your Valentine’s Day date wanting more. 

Rosamosario Principessa Flirts Embroidered Tulle and Lace Briefs, £175

Blue and white Rosamosario embroidered lace briefs lingerie

These little shorts are ultra-girly and have flirty movement, yet they’re super sexy and sheer for those wandering eyes.

Lascivious Kitty Cupless Bra, £86

White bra with gold bow by Lascivious Kitty

White and gold are the colours of angels and if an angel isn’t good, who is? This is a gorgeous bra that is provocative in all it’s innocence.


Sporty Chick

You don’t need to go ultra-feminine to wear lingerie well. If sporty is more your speed, shop for more comfortable silhouettes and athletic styles that still work in the bedroom.

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Keyhole Thong Teddy, £42.82

Hot pink once-piece teddy with keyhole thong by Hanky Panky

Almost like a one-piece swimsuit, this Hanky Panky teddy is hot and sporty. Perfect for an active girl on the field and behind closed doors.

Only Hearts So Fine Bralette, £33.60

White bralette with black lace by Only Hearts

This Only Hearts bralette offers more support and coverage but provides just enough peek-a-boo with the lace cut-outs.



If there’s a little darkness in you or you simply find the romantic drama of gothic-looking things enticing, you won’t be short of Valentine’s Day options. Jewel tones in satin and lace are the way to go. Oh, and sexy black. Lots of it.

Agent Provocateur Selena Lace and Mesh Suspender Belt, £110

Black lace and mesh suspender belt by Agent Provocateur

What’s sexier and more gothic than a suspender belt in black lace? Really, nothing, and your date will happily discover a newfound love for this style.

What Katie Did Laurie Corset, £169.50

Black corset with hardware front clasps by What Katie Did

A true corset can be very sexy and this one is dripping with sultry style. Of course, it’s looks hot in black, and any true goth would agree.



Channel the sexy women of past generations who wore slightly different cuts – think higher-waisted briefs and fuller-coverage bras. If your date is into time travel this is the look for you.

Playful Promises Ghost Retro High Waisted Brief and Bra, £50

Retro style lingerie set with bra and panties by Playful Promises

This set is cute, flirty and of course, will rev your date’s engine when revealed. You’ll be a personal pinup girl for some lucky person.

Aubade Retro Sculpt High Shaping Briefs, £61.95

Black lace high wasted, retro shaping briefs by Aubade

Slip into these Aubade sculpted briefs and embrace their retro feel. With plenty of lace to be enticing and just enough coverage, you’ll have no trouble wearing these…and only these.



If you’ve got attitude that should most definitely transition into the bedroom and into your lingerie purchase. Go for items with big personality that show how playful you are and how much fun you promise to be.

Von Follies by Dita Von Teese Animal Printed Satin Fitted Chemise, £70

Leopard print satin body-hugging chemise by Von FOllies by Dita Von Teese

Nothing says “sassy” like cheetah print! This skintight chemise will hug your every curve and give your Valentine’s Day date a pleasant amount of ‘tood.

Fig Leaves Boudoir Fluffy Silk Babydoll Set, £95

Black babydoll set with front opening and fluffy lining and ties

Sassy women never say no to some fluffy tassels and piping! Spin around in this babydoll set and give your partner all the personality you’ve got.

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Luxury Robes for Sensual Loungewear

December 10th, 2012 by Callie Oliver | No Comments | Filed in Designer, Nightwear

Luxury robes are the perfect way to begin and end a night indoors. Robes are underrated pieces of lingerie and loungewear that can transform your body. They are effortlessly sexy, comfortable and hang delicately off the body. Robes can hide beautiful pieces of lingerie and create a tempting show for your partner. Choosing a robe is always the hard part. there are so many gorgeous pieces out there, and many are going to be an instant favourite. Fall in love with these robes again and again, and pick one to call your own. Each robe has its own unique benefits, but all of them are drop-dead sexy.

Victoria’s Secret Pink & Black Kimono

This Victoria’s Secret pink and black kimono is beautiful and sweet. The black lace on the baby-pink satin stands out. It makes something seemingly innocent so racy. This kimono hangs off the body at the right angle for an sensual effect. It’s short enough to be sexy too, so be sure to wear matching knickers under it. The colour, shape and texture are all perfect for the girl that is on a budget.

Silky Pink And Black Lace Kimono

Pink Kimono by Victoria’s Secret

Agent Provocateur Silk Kimono

This silk kimono is the best of the best. It features billowing sleeves that are edged in lace. It comes in red and hot pink for a look that stands out and smolders long after the robe is taken off. This piece is truly a masterpiece to behold. It may be pricey, but it is a robe that will last forever. It will be treasured and well-loved for its remarkable fit, comfort and beauty.

Agent Provocateur Red Silk Kimono

Red Silk Kimono by Agent Provocateur

Fleur Du Mal Colourful Kimono

This robe is simply unconventional. It’s punchy colours stand out  but it is still effortlessly sexy and chic. It’s short sleeved for those hot nights in the summer when you just don’t wan to wear something long and heavy. This piece is silky soft and a beauty to behold. You will fall in love with it each time you put it on. Fleur Du Mal does an excellent job of creating something that is different from the other sexy robes out there.

Colourful Fleur Du Mal Kimono

Colourful Kimono by Fleur Du Mal

Fox & Rose Duchess Kimono

This Fox & Rose kimono is a work of art. It is pure silk and luxuriously crafted from the finest materials. It features a Georgette bow and lace edging that is to die for. It is designed with Victorian fashion in mind. It’s simply breathtaking to see worn, and it is historically inspired by the Duchess of Warwick. This piece is something every lingerie lover needs in her wardrobe. It will provide endless uses that will make you swoon. Each robe is silky smooth and uses handmade lace from Britain. The gold-satin bow accentuates the waist and bust while the mesh fabric allows for some sexy skin to show.

Elegant Duchess Kimono

Duchess Kimono by Fox & Rose

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Top 5 Beautiful Lingerie Looks for the Holidays

November 29th, 2012 by Grace Lynne Fleming | No Comments | Filed in Bras, Chemise, Designer, Hosiery, Sexy Lingerie, Thongs

It’s finally the holiday season and there’s no better time for some romance than now. With all the bright shining Christmas lights, warm cups of peppermint coffee and being warm and cosy next to the fireplace, it’s only fitting that you find time to get a little romantic behind closed doors.

Vibrant sexy reds, soft powdery blues, dramatic blacks and even bold metallics can all help to set the mood. Get your beau (and yourself) an early Christmas present and allow yourself to snag a piece of beautiful lingerie that not only compliments the most wonderful time of the year, but also your gorgeous, womanly curves.

When picking out pieces for this festive season just remember not to grab anything too kitschy that doesn’t enhance your own beauty or your already fabulous lingerie collection. Instead, stick with pieces that feel seasonally appropriate and fun, but also make you feel like the gorgeous woman you are. Now, check out our picks for the top 5 of the most beautiful and perfect pieces of lingerie for the holidays!

In Bloom by Jonquil Classic Red Chemise from Nordstrom

In Jonquil Red Chemise form Nordstrom

Fun, flirty, playful and the perfect Christmas red, this classic chemise by Jonquil is the best way to pay homage to the season without jumping too far outside your comfort zone. It’s super comfortable, hides any midsection insecurities,  made for a queen and still sexy enough to feel like a woman. All you need is a spritz of fine fragrance to finish off your look.

Leighton by Claire Pettibone

Leighton Lingerie Claire Pettibone

It’s like a gift that is just dying to be unwrapped. With these dainty bows and the beautiful lace, you’ll feel like a beautiful, delicate woman and an early Christmas package all in one. Tie your hair back, apply some shimmery powder and you’ll not only look like you came straight from the Claire Pettibone look book but just like a winter angel.

Dream Angels Sequin Halter Baby Doll from Victoria’s Secret

Sequin Halter Babydoll Lingerie Victoria's Secret

Ring in the New Year with this classy, sparkly little number. It’s dramatic. It’s pretty. But it’s still comfortable enough for you to feel like yourself wearing it. With all the elegance of a beautiful, New Year’s night this baby doll adds shine to the bedroom.

Lola Haze Daisy Teddy from Faire Frou Frou

Light Blue Terry Lingerie Lola Haze

Reminiscent of a soft, winter snow, this light blue teddy from Faire Frou Frou may look a little innocent, but it won’t make you feel innocent. It has it’s peek-a-boo spots, which you and your other half will love, but you’ll also feel like a sophisticated yet sexy woman with it’s ruffle and key-hole details. Grab a silky robe and keep this tiny surprise under wraps until the big reveal.

Satin Apron from Frederick’s of Hollywood

Red Sexy Apron Lingerie Fredericks of Hollywood

The naughtiest of the bunch, this red satin apron from Frederick’s of Hollywood is a bit nice too. Feel red hot and a bit like Christmas in this bold little number. Don’t forget the lace knee-highs, wild hair and black pumps to complete this mischievous look!

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Fashionable And Functional Sports Bras

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A sports bra is the most important piece of clothing that can make or break how comfortable a woman will be exercising. A normal bra does not offer enough support and strength to properly protect the delicate breast tissue. Jumping, running, walking fast and other activities put a big strain on the breasts. This causes the fine tissue to tear, weaken and eventually droop. Exercising without a sports bra is a disaster for the breasts, and they will begin to sag quickly. Not using a sports bra can even lead to sports injuries and using the wrong form for weight-lifting exercises.

To avoid that, sports bras are there to help. The right sports bra is very important. Larger busted women have to be even more carful with choosing the proper bra. There are dozens of types of sports bras. They include yoga, heavy-duty, racerback, swimmer bras and so much more. For every type of fitness discipline, there is usually a sports bra available for that specific workout.

Yoga Bras

A yoga bra is designed to be worn underneath clothes or without a coverup. They are often softer, flexible and fashionable. Since women usually wear only the yoga sports bra while practicing, they are made to look a lot cuter than usual sports bras. An ideal yoga bra supports the upper back and feels like skin.

Tons of companies specialize in making cute and functional yoga sports bras. Lululemon and Body Language Sportswear are just two of the most famous worldwide.

Yoga Bras

Cross-Back Sports Bras

The cross-back style provides ample support for the back and chest. Instead of drooping and creating poor posture, these heavy-duty sports bras pull everything in and reduce movement. Movement reduction is what you want when purchasing a sports bra. This style is ideal for high-impact exercises. They usually come in tons of colors and sizes, so finding one to suit you isn’t very difficult. Even Stella McCartney did a collaboration with Adidas to create gorgeous but functional sports bras.

A cross-back style will usually come in varying levels of strength. Read the descriptions or tags of the bras to learn what activity it is best suited for. If you don’t buy the right one, you are going to regret it later on. When in doubt, always go for the medium strength bra.

Cross-Back Sports Bra

Built-In Sports Bras

Built-in tanks with bras are not the best choice, but for women with a smaller bust size, they can be a great way to save money on workout clothes and cut down on getting dressed time. You also don’t have to worry about pesky bra straps showing with your workout tank tops.

A sport top has a shelf bra that is moderately supportive, and works for runners or those doing light-physical activity. There are dozens of styles and brands to choose from. Some tops are more restrictive than others. A compression tank top will have the same benefit, as long as there is cup space for the breasts.

Built-In Sports Bras

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Racerback Bras

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The Purpose of a Racerback Bra and 4 Cute Examples

Summer brings about tank tops, bare shoulders and tops that reveal much more up-top than anything else. The proper bra will pull your look together, and make it look chic and carefree. A racerback bra is the perfect example of a fun, flirty, comfortable and sexy bra.

You may choose to wear a racerback underneath a tank top that is also a racerback style. Many halter tops are also using a racerback, and a normal bra will typically look a bit awkward with this style. This style matches a variety of tops that aren’t cut in a typical manner, and they can easily hide behind the fabric if you wish. Racerbacks are available in so many styles; just a few of them are listed below with examples. Explore your options and try a few out. Chances are, you will probably love them.


Sexy Racerbacks

Topshop Cream Pinspot Racerback Bra

This gorgeous cream and pinspot racerback bra is an excellent example of how sexy the style can be. Peeking out from behind a loose tank or just under normal garments, this bra is functional and sexy. This particular bra is available from Topshop. It is the perfect addiction for any lingerie wardrobe, as it combines sexy and functionality. Follow the link to the image below if you want to find our more about these sexy racerback bra options…

Sexy Racerback Bras


Sporty Racerbacks

Sporty Racerback Bras

Using a racerback bra for sports activity is quite important. The back supports the upper body during intense exercise, and also keeps your breasts secure. You will be able to perform better with this type of bra on during exercise, and they look great alone or under a sporty top. The first two are Nike bras, and the last one is a black H&M sports bra for girls on a budget. All of them will provide support and comfort, even when you are working your hardest!


Practical, But Cute

Practical Racerback Bras

Every girl needs a bra that is practical but still cute. These examples are perfect for wearing under anything, and they are affordable and comfortable. A practical racerback will take you through work and play, all while being as invisible as you prefer under your clothes. If you want to be daring, wear a lime green racerback underneath a thin white tank top for summer. The pink and lime green bras are available from H&M and are under 20 each. When you want to hide what you are wearing then choose the black or grey racerback. They seamlessly blend into any outfit, and also offer a little extra support.


Push Up Racerback

Push Up Racerback Bras

A push-up racerback bra can increase your bust and cleavage appearance, but the racerback portion gives support and works well with numerous top styles. The follow bras are available at Aerie, an American retailer for cute lingerie and workout clothes. Of course, Aerie isn’t the only place you will find this popular style. You can easily walk into any store and find something similar. A push-up bra can give you confidence, but it also exudes sexiness and a flirtatious vibe.


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Pin-Up Girl Lingerie Look Book

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Pin-up fashion is making a comeback, and more companies are catering to the demand for retro undergarments that flatter the hourglass figure, or help a lady fake it. Pin-up is based around body shape and posing, but the clothing or lingerie completes the look.

Dita Von Teese looking glamorous

A true pin-up girl channels her inner personality, and each “style” within pin-up features something special or unique. Choose something that stands out to you, and really makes you feel empowered, sexy or just beautiful. The fun in pin-up is getting to play and explore new things. Don’t limit yourself, and get inspiration from the looks below. These looks are perfect for any girl that likes pin-up garments, and wants to complete her wardrobe.

Marilyn Monroe at the seaside


Sailor Girl Pin-Up Look Book

What pin-up wardrobe is complete without something sailor girl related? Cute shapes and colours in white, blue and red, sailor-girl lingerie embodies the pin-up movement of the ‘50s.

Sailor Girl Pin-Up Girl Collage

This inspiration board features a cute chevron bralette with an adorable bow, and striped boy briefs with a nautical theme. It feels modern but still maintains a super cute sailor pin-up girl vibe.

Perfect nautical heels are a must for any lingerie outfit, but they are modern enough to wear with anything else too. Break free from the vintage ties with these cute full-brief panties feature sailboats and oceanic elements.They are still pin-up style, but they have an updated pattern to bring things into the 21st century.


A Frou-Frou Corset Pin-Up Look Book

Classic pin-up models often sported a frou-frou corset ensemble and daring heels. Accessories and hair are also important.

Frou Frou Corset Pin-Up Collage

When it comes to pin-up, there is no such thing as too many ruffles or too much cute. The goal is to blend sexy, innocence and cuteness to create a perfect fusion of irresistibleness.

What really completes the look is lots of lace, bows and curve defining lines. See the inspiration board below for ideas on how to create your own pin-up lingerie look.


Classy Pin-Up with a Pop of Colour Look Book

Going with a classic simple look is the best thing to do if you are shy or don’t know where to begin. You can’t go wrong with solid dark colours. To break up all of the darkness, you do need a pop of colour.

Classy Pin-Up Girl with Pop of Colour Collage

This inspiration board uses a cute pink bow to add a subtle hint of colour to the overall look. Lace mixed-texture stockings and a bodysuit are modern but still maintain an air of class and sophistication.

Choosing lacey boy-shorts is a great way to be casually sexy, and they flatter all body types.


Girly Pin-Up Look Book

This look combines all elements of girly lingerie, as well as a touch of “maid” pin-up style.

Girly Pin-Up Look Book Collage

The inspiration is an ultra-feminine pin-up girl photo from the ‘50s. Frills and sexy undergarments give the impression of mischievous personality and innocence.

You can incorporate this into your lingerie closet as well by choosing delicate undies, satin or silk garters and stockings. Don’t forget heels! They are a must for any girly-girl pin-up.

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